As we embark on Round 5 of the Season this Saturday against St Kilda City down at Widdop Crescent Reserve, it now appears that our new pavilion at Hurlingham Park will be accessible either at the end of July, or perhaps even a couple of weeks later toward the end of the season. As frustrating as this is, we keep our eye on the prize and the big picture of having sensational new facilities that will hopefully, see us playing at least 1 of our Home Games back on our deck this year.

Peter Larsen and the entire Football Department have been working tirelessly with our list and it is clear to see improvements despite being 0 – 4. The Bentleigh Football Club initiative has allowed us to exist in the competition this year (yes, had we not fielded a Reserves team every week we were told that theClub could not operate in 2016 at all), whereby our Reserves are supplemented each week with what is an excess of Bentleigh Reserve players. The relationship is synergistic in that our Under 19’s have provided the opportunity for Bentleigh Under 19 players to compete in 2016; the amalgamation, coached by Jason Tickner is yet to chalk up a win and there are still inconsistencies with numbers from week to week. We are all behind Tickers and the boys and look forward to dishing it up to St Kilda City this week (triple header).

Club Memberships on sale for $65 for the year (~$4/week). On sale at Games every week – please if you haven’t already purchased one, it is really important to us that you do. Thank you in advance.

Drew Taylor has the new Website up and running and we are always working to refine it. I encourage you to have a look as we intend to always have details on the next game, Club News, and in particular access to our Sponsors who support us.

Troy Beard from Blackchrome delivered our new Polo shirts last Thursday and all bar 6 have been sold. They look and feel terrific. If you would like to order a shirt, please contact Greg Young  on 0418 335 224 – we will be ordering more. Also, winter is upon us so if you want to rug up at the footy, we have some terrific Vampire winter-wear for sale through our on-line Shop including jackets and beanies. Jump on and have a look!

Last week we took Player Photos that will soon be featured in the ‘Players’ section of the website and we are reaching out to everyone to become a Player Sponsor. By clicking HERE to will be taken to the Sponsors page on our website where you can download the Player Sponsor Form. Importantly, by becoming a Player Sponsor for $300 you automatically enter the business directory where you can provide a special offer for all Vampire Membership Card holders to trade with your business. By the same token, you can simply have your name listed as a Player’s Sponsor and be a part of our Sponsor’s Day (date TBA depending on Hurlingham timeline) where you can network amongst all of our sponsors.

Our Netballers notched up their first win over Caulfield last week which is fantastic. Well done to Emily, Ebony, Sarah and all the girls for leading the way. It is fact that the coalition with Netball can only strengthen Clubs. We field 1 side this year however with the Under 19 competition and the growth of Netball as a sport in general, we look to expand that next year. Social functions and game-day atmosphere are always better with lots of people, and especially increasing the presence of ladies amongst the weekly congregation. I’m sure you all agree. I do dream of driving past Hurlingham Park one day and seeing at least 1 netball court on site; I have been assured by Bayside Council not to hold my breath.

The SFNL has established a Female Football Working Party to coordinate the launch of a 6 Team, all Female competition in 2017. We are represented on that working party by Greg Young and it is our intention to be a part of this competition, especially given the rise and rise of girls footy in our EBVJFC ranks. Watch this space.

There are some special events planned for this year including the celebration of the anniversaries of the 1966, 1976 and 1991 Premiership wins. I will be working with our resident maestro on all matters historical, Ross McCulloch to providing updates on when and where this will be held. Stay tuned for details on our Footy-Netball Social Function that will be held at our new home away from home, the McKinnon Hotel. To give you an idea about why we love The McKinnon Hotel, every Thursday after training, we head there for Team Selection and they put pasta on for the boys (who haven’t showered because there is no where to shower at Hurly – so they all smell as well…). I encourage you to get down there for a meal and they have a sensational function room upstairs which we will be utilising for our big social functions.

The exodus of some19 senior players from last year’s list has not been without its’ challenges. Let me assure you all of one thing however, we as a Committee will continue to work hard and get through what is a tough year.

I do however need your help. If you can help financially, with your time, with certain skills you may have or simply have some ideas, please CLICK HERE and email me (or call me on the number below) and I will buy you a coffee when we meet to have chat.

Wishing you all a great day and I hope to see you on Saturday.

Many thanks and regards


Michael Rogers


East Brighton Football Club