Football Club Operations Team

Critical roles that make things that seem to just happen, actually happen! Without them, nothing happens!

Canteen Manager: Jenny & Gerry Overmars
Bar Manager:
Time Keeper: James ‘Choco’ Lane
Ground Prep: Choco
Club Historian: Ross McCulloch

Ross McCulloch is the Club games record holder, and has an unbelievable bank of knowledge on all matters East Brighton Football Club dating way-back (no offense Rosco!)

If you have any old photos that you would like to share with us:
Email to:
Or Post to:
Ross McCulloch
C/O PO Box 2114, North Brighton VIC 3186

Medical Trainers

Nicole Murphy’s experience, knowledge, communication and people skills again will see her heading up the Medical Trainer’s team in 2018

Want To Get Involved ?

If YOU would like a Game Day role, or would like to get involved in helping make 2018 a successful year in any way, please call Greg Young on 0418 335 224