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Milestone this week for Mark “Jewie” Jamieson. 500 Goals for the mighty Vampires!

So there is a fair bit of pressure associated with this one as Jewie is stuck on 499 goals.

This is an amazing achievement to be a 278  game player with 499 goals which will go down as one of the greats at the club.

With consistent hauls of 5 plus goals in the early days combined with his side kick Tim “pigeon” Smith to be one of the dynamic duos in the southern football league.

Jewie in 2004 won the Sfl goal kicking award on 74 goals in his second year at the club in his early 20’s.

Jewie key assets has always been able to turn his opponent inside out and running into an open goal slotting it through.

There have been some tough days early in his career when his brother Matt decided after 7 points against moordialloc proceeded to make him have 50 shots straight after the game on the ground. Where rumour has it’s a 25% accuracy rate.

When people talk about Jewie’s goal kicking the highlights spring back to  the 2004 grand final where kicking 7 goals was able to swing the grand final in the vampires favour and coming away with the premiership.

From 2012 onwards Jewie has turned into a swing man playing is the area most critical for the team either forward, defence and midfield making the achievement even more remarkable.

Congratulations Jewie no pressure but you better kick one this week as otherwise this will be a drawn out celebration


Jewie Goal hauls

2004 – 74 goals

2005 – 60 goals

2009 – 52 goals

2011 – 43 goals

Vampires all Time goal kicking record (best guess could be wrong) 1. R Mccullough – 703 (incl j/s/r) 2. J O’Brien – 551 (Snr) 3. J Bennett – 550 (j/s/r) 4. M Jamieson – 499 (Snr)